Join the Peaceful Warrior's team! You will  experience giving back and healing simultaneously in this fun, safe environment!  At Peaceful Hearts you will learn to care for horses, manage projects, and get hours signed off for graduation. 

​How do I become a Peaceful Warrior?

Contact Kedra C. Holderman for further details and to schedule a ranch orientation, and meet and greet! 

Peaceful Warriors For Change 

Many people, from entire families to individuals have found peace here at Peaceful Hearts by simply helping. We offer many opportunities  to connect with the horses and give back! 

Bring your family for a fun adventure you won't soon forget. Learn to feed and take care of our 7 incredible horses and even some training too! Meet them once and they are sure to melt your heart. 

I​ncluded in the list of ways to give back is to help with feed chores one morning or night through the week. Feeding for all 7 horses, scooping poop (the kids love it!), grooming, and filling, as well as cleaning water troughs. 

The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen, or even touched, they can only be felt with the heart

High School Volunteer Program